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As the Legislative Director mentioned, he needs the expert in technology, his area is policy.

Research with the experts are already in progress and THAT is great and exciting news! He asked that we continue keeping the office up to date on any happenings media wise and reports we may present to the Facebook team.

Since the first report back on 4/19/2019 on the same subject matter but different account reported, we have not received a detailed explanation from the team (particular their tech team) as to why they feel the fake accounts, that are undoubtedly guilty of impersonating Bryan, are still considered within their Community Standards, even AFTER contacting Bryan on his personal site.

We want to understand the reasoning behind the reporting team’s decision.

According to the Legislative Director they did receive an answer back from Facebook on what they are doing and have done (a few days later than requested), however at this time they have yet to go over the response with the Congressman due to being out of the office on business.

Bryan and I were informed that if the Congressman chooses to make Facebook’s response public, they would let us know.

A date of August 14, 2019 was given as a requested date of response by Zuckerberg.there are many facets that can be included in the amendment that would never touch one’s freedom of speech, similar to the fight against online human trafficking. At this time, Social Media has a “Get Out of Jail Free” card.And just to play “devil’s advocate”, if platforms are not aware of what are on their sites, they have had a substantial amount of time to research and self-regulate.When presented on the House floor, all I’s must be dotted and T’s crossed, in other words when speaking of technological changes, the facts of what exactly can and needs to be changed must be present.If the law lacks in any areas, it can easily be “thrown out” with no hope to move forward for voting which means..change.

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