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Check out our student loan refinancing calculator to see how much you could be saving.When you’re ready to get started, we are here to help with your student loan refinance through our network of lenders!However it must be done through a private bank or credit union.Keep in mind that refinancing federal student loans will eliminate the benefits that come with them.Depending on the type of loans you have, there are two options when refinancing your student loans.If you have only federal student loans, refinancing is usually done through the Federal Direct Consolidation Loan Program offered by the government.Interest is tacked on to the loan amount (i.e., principal) making the total cost of the loan greater.

Applicant and guarantor's income must be £1,000 or greater per calendar month. Guarantor must be a homeowner, or a tenant with an exceptional credit history, aged 18 to 75 years old. Borrow up to £10,000 with no fees and a friendly service. Guarantor must be a homeowner, or a tenant with a good credit history, aged over 18 years old. UK credit is a specialist no fee guarantor loan provider, they can lend to you even if your guarantor is not a home owner.

Those that go on to graduate school will graduate with even more debt, many times in the six figures for professional degrees.

Borrowers don’t always realize that their loans are costing them more than they think.

A better credit score could mean more attractive loan terms and rates.

With a steady income, you would also be viewed as a lower-risk refinancer.

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