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Yet Robinson does the Church a great service by laying bare the ephemeral nature of the claims that many of the New Testament writings were not written by their ascribed authors.

He notes that the claims based on statistical word counts, diction, and style are all over the map, pointing to the probability that their differences can be ascribed as much to differences in the preconceptions used to construct the statistical algorithms.

He notes as well the Pauline attitude towards those circulating books claiming to be written by him. Whether you are a scholar or merely a theological dilettante (like me), you need to have this book in your library.

Redating the New Testament is a cunning book, in which Robinson hides his chronological theory, substantiated with the heavyweights of biblical scholarship, behind a facade of light-footed intellectual frivolity.

In fact Robinson’s theory stands or falls with this ‘unambiguous description’ of the destruction of the Temple and/or the fall of Jerusalem in the New Testament.

In my opinion this unambiguous description is present, reducing Robinson’s theory to futility.

Being exposed to some of the preteristic authors dating the book of Revelation in 68 AD, I was curious to find out what are the actual dates of the books of the New Testament. This has got to be the most fastidious, lucid and un-tendentious book I’ve read.

This is the complete dating of the New Testament to which Robinson arrives after detailed and scrupulous research. He contrasts this with the apocryphal books, with their use of the Bishop Dr. He began writing this book as a theological exercise, as "little more than a theological joke".

Dating-of-the-NT-Chronologi Next is the timeline of the apostle Paul derived from the book of Acts and some of Paul’s own statements particularly in Galatians. At some point he asked himself "why any of the books of the New Testament needed to be put after the fall of Jerusalem in 70." He notes that none of the books make any reference (actual or metaphorical) to the destruction of Jerusalem as a past event. One of Robinson's contributions is to draw attention to the chains of inferences and preconceptions that are used by those arguing for the late dating of the canonical New Testament scriptures.

He, like most western theologians since the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, view the authors of scripture primarily as competing individuals rather than as part of the Church.

He has difficulty accepting the authors of scripture as people who cooperated in the proclamation and promulgation of the Gospel.

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To the western scholar and theologian, the questions of who wrote what and when are quite important.

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