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What are the things that attract you most to any lady?

– Now be open to these question and don’t take it personal.

There was this handsome young man asking four newlywed couples questions about their marriages. "The audience on TV laughed and laughed, and the handsome young host did everything to help make the audience laugh.

During a maternity week episode, Eubanks had asked the question, "Where, specifically, is the weeeeeiirdest place that you have ever gotten the urge the make whoopee?In the second round, the husbands were taken to the sound-proof room (when the show first aired, the wives were secluded off stage) while the wives were posed the questions, the fourth being a special 25-point bonus question.Correct matches at this point were worth 10 points (for the first 3 questions). Those are some of the lyrics of 50 Cent’s 21 Questions but that’s not just what this post is all about. So lets assume you just met this guy and really like him but you are not sure how to get started, how to know him more, we have put together series of 21 Questions you can ask him to either know him better or to just engage him in a conversation These questions are random and in no particular order.In addition to these 21 questions, we have added a collection of further questions that includes Intimate Questions to Ask a Guy, Fun Questions to Ask a Guy and Interesting Questions to Ask a guy.

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