Qt ui file not updating

Out of curiosity, you might be wondering what it is that Qt Designer saves in its .

The rest describe the individual widgets by listing their names, their classes, and some of their properties.

The CMAKE_AUTOMOC setting runs moc automatically when required.

For more on this feature see the CMake AUTOMOC documentation Imported targets are created for each Qt module.

These libraries and header files can then be used to build libraries and applications based on Qt.

The recommended way to use Qt libraries and headers with command.

The target will be linked to the specified modules, use the include directories installed by those modules, use the COMPILE_DEFINITIONS set by those modules, and use the COMPILE_FLAGS set by the modules.

See the documentation for target_link_libraries for more information.Imported target names should be preferred instead of using a variable like Qt5 which can be used for this purpose.Imported targets are created with the configurations Qt was configured with.Create an RCC file from a list of Qt resource files.Options may be given to rcc, such as those found when executing "rcc -help".

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