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There are a million things to do with friends, but most of us opt for the same old, same old.While there’s nothing wrong with falling back on tried-and-true plans like grabbing drinks or catching a movie, we’re going to suggest planning a get-together that’ll break up your usual normal routine.For a fun twist, you can write playful dares on each of the blocks for those who pull them to accept.This adult-friendly game is perfect for larger groups and would work well as an icebreaker to get the night going if your gathering includes friends from different areas of your life who might not know each other yet. Just pick a card that reads something like "Things..shouldn't do in an elevator," and have everyone write down the first thing that comes to mind. Think of this silly game as a speedy version of Scrabble.If you're not afraid of making a mess, pull out a set of Jenga to get any adult game night going.You'll be surprised how quickly you and your friends get into the seemingly simple game that involves carefully removing wooden blocks from a tower in an effort to not be the one who knocks it all down.While you don't technically need a physical game to play this well-known drinking game, it never hurts to have some cards to get the revealing game going.It requires you and your friends to divulge scandalous things that you've never done.

The game that will get you completely tongue-tied, Catch Phrase is meant to be played in two evenly numbered teams.You'll pick two cards with seemingly random adjectives on them and try to name a person who fits the description that both words create.If you and your friends love sending memes to one another, this is the party game for you.The next time you’re scheduling quality time with your pals, why not shake things up and offer to host an at-home game night?With these great adult game night ideas, the right mood, and a little bit of alcohol, you’d be surprised how fun and raucous playing good old-fashioned games with friends can get.

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  1. This might be off by a game in one direction or the other: the sheet only stores the points at the end of a given week, so if the halfway game was the first game of a two-game weekend there was no easy way to correct for that.