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To request a change or have your job listing removed, please include the link to your post and the title of the job in an email to: [email protected] The message: having a relationship with a subordinate in the workplace, even if consensual, is risky business.The long hours, working with others close in age, and those with similar interests often make conditions ripe for potential romance to bloom.Some eight million Americans date their co-workers each year, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Need to print some or all pages of the Act, Rules or Code? There are no classes on the statutory holiday Monday, September 2.Effective January 1, 2013; updated May 2019 Annotations are up to date as of 2015; a review of the annotations is planned in 2019. 1 Definitions 2.1 Canons of Legal Ethics To the state To courts and tribunals To the client To other lawyers To oneself 2.2 Integrity 3.1 Competence Definitions Competence 3.2 Quality of service Quality of service Limited scope retainers Honesty and candour Language rights When the client is an organization Encouraging compromise or settlement Threatening criminal or regulatory proceedings Inducement for withdrawal of criminal or regulatory proceedings Dishonesty, fraud by client Dishonesty, fraud when client an organization Clients with diminished capacity Restricting future representation 3.3 Confidentiality Confidential information Use of confidential information Lawyers’ obligation to claim privilege when faced with requirement to surrender document Future harm / public safety exception 3.4 Conflicts Duty to avoid conflicts of interest Consent Dispute Concurrent representation with protection of confidential client information Joint retainers Acting against former clients Short-term summary legal services Conflicts from transfer between law firms Application of rule Law firm disqualification Transferring lawyer disqualification Lawyer due diligence for non-lawyer staff Conflicts with clients Doing business with a client Independent legal advice Investment by client when lawyer has an interest Borrowing from clients Certificate of independent legal advice Lawyers in loan or mortgage transactions Guarantees by a lawyer Testamentary instruments and gifts Judicial interim release Space-sharing arrangements 3.5 Preservation of clients’ property Preservation of clients’ property Notification of receipt of property Identifying clients’ property Accounting and delivery 3.6 Fees and disbursements Reasonable fees and disbursements Contingent fees and contingent fee agreements Statement of account Joint retainer Division of fees and referral fees Exception for multi-disciplinary practices Payment and appropriation of funds Prepaid legal services plan 3.7 Withdrawal from representation Withdrawal from representation Optional withdrawal Non-payment of fees Withdrawal from criminal proceedings Obligatory withdrawal Manner of withdrawal Confidentiality Duty of successor lawyer 4.2 Marketing Application of rule Definitions Content and format of marketing activities Notary public Designation 4.3 Advertising nature of practice Preferred areas of practice Specialization Real estate sales Multi-disciplinary practice 5.1 The lawyer as advocate Advocacy Incriminating physical evidence Duty as prosecutor Disclosure of error or omission Courtesy Undertakings Agreement on guilty plea 5.2 The lawyer as witness Submission of evidence Appeals 5.3 Interviewing witnesses Interviewing witnesses 5.4 Communication with witnesses giving evidence Communication with witnesses giving evidence 5.5 Relations with jurors Communications before trial Disclosure of information Communication during trial 5.6 The lawyer and the administration of justice Encouraging respect for the administration of justice Seeking legislative or administrative changes Security of court facilities 5.7 Lawyers and mediators Role of mediator 6.1 Supervision Direct supervision required Definitions Delegation Suspended or disbarred lawyers Electronic registration of documents Real estate assistants 6.2 Students Recruitment and engagement procedures Duties of principal Duties of articled student 6.3 Harassment and discrimination 7.1 Responsibility to the society and the profession generally Regulatory compliance Meeting financial obligations Duty to report Encouraging client to report dishonest conduct 7.2 Responsibility to lawyers and others Courtesy and good faith Communications Inadvertent communications Undertakings and trust conditions Trust cheques Real estate transactions 7.3 Outside interests and the practice of law Maintaining professional integrity and judgment 7.4 The lawyer in public office Standard of conduct 7.5 Public appearances and public statements Communication with the public Interference with right to fair trial or hearing 7.6 Preventing unauthorized practice 7.7 Retired judges returning to practice 7.8 Errors and omissions Informing client of errors or omission Notice of claim Co-operation Responding to client’s claim Affidavits and solemn declarations Witnessing the execution of an instrument Definitions Disqualifications Obligations of family law mediator or arbitrator or parenting coordinator when participants unrepresented Obligations of family law mediator or parenting coordinator Obligations of family law arbitrator Lawyer with dual role Application Acting for parties with different interests Simple conveyance Advice and consent Foreclosure proceedings Unrepresented parties in a real property transaction [Appendix D rescinded 11/2016 – see rules 3.4-17 to 3.4-23] Key concepts Best practices for supervising paralegals Best practices for training paralegals A checklist for assessing the competence of paralegal Screening for family violence Designated paralegals giving legal advice as the governing document concerning professional responsibility for BC lawyers.With her extensive background as a paralegal and commitment to our clients, Lindsey Penirelli is another valuable member of our team at Warner Bates.Most college services will be closing at 4 pm on Friday, August 30, and will reopen on Tuesday morning, September 3.

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