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(And bless the show's hard-working wardrobe team: They even nailed the uniform Harry got married in.)In the hilarious sketch Prince Harry (played by Mikey Day), takes viewers around the royal reception for his "official wedding video." There he shows off just how weird and awkward things can get when Americans and British royalty party together. Harry first chats with an inebriated Kate Middleton, (played by Cecily Strong) who says she's there to have a "Well, yeah, you know, for the past six years I've been like pregnant the whole time," Middleton tells Harry as she giggles her way through her words. Whereas Tishy was turned up to volume 11, Louise speaks in hushed tones that make both those in-sketch and those in the audience lean forward.While you can’t believe what Tishy says, you can’t be sure of what Louise utters.Una vez más, por favor mantenga su identidad en secreto Haga clic en el botón "Continuar" para buscar con su código postal.

We are actively seeking your submissions for this page and all our other pages.You know how Andrew Garfield reportedly dated Rita Ora, aka the unsung hero of our time who dressed up like Post Malone for Halloween? Well, Emma Stone has also moved on to ~greener relationship pastures~ and is dating come for a deep dive into their relationship because honestly, it’s the only way for you not to be caught off guard when the inevitable wave of Hollywood engagements hits this summer. This isn’t the first time has spoofed dating sites (the “Settl” sketch about finding mediocre partners and the bit about Martha Stewart on the hunt for hook-ups come to mind).But maybe alien humor is the way of the future in this new age of space exploration.

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