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The event, which would ask people to arrive at 7pm for a 7.30pm start, works by having couples paired together for five-minute rounds where they can talk with the person opposite them.After the time is up, they will be moved to the next table.A heritage railway's latest event is gearing up to see romance puff full steam ahead when it opens its doors for speed dating later this week.Organised by Amanda Owen, a team member at Whitwell and Reepham Railway, A Night of Speed Dating & Other Debauchery will be taking place on Saturday April 27.The 51-year-old said she was inspired to host the event after her own experiences of dating and meeting new people.

Term limits would break the power that a shadow government of local un-elected insiders can have over long term incumbents, and stop the influence peddling in Norfolk that is being litigated in federal court today in the Burfoot case.Often entrepreneurs get caught up in the finer details of their business but don't see that this may be hard to absorb for someone hearing about it for the first time.Identify the key aspects of your business that make it dynamic and don't inundate your audience with too many facts. Just like when you send in a CV, the objective is not to drown people with details.Remember to tailor your call to action according to your audience! Get as much feedback as possible from friends, mentors or other entrepreneurs.You wouldn't have the same call to action for a client, as you would for an investor, right? The more conversational and authentic you are, the better you are able to connect with your audience. Remember that while its good to show that you are passionate, you should also exercise some restraint so as not to overwhelm your audience. Often we are not able to see the mistakes we make in our pitch until someone else points it out to us.

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“You could meet in a safe environment, spend a few minutes talking, and if you got on with this person you could arrange to meet again.

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