My turbo tax is not updating

You can also read the Intuit Privacy Statement, which describes our privacy practices.

When you create your account or access Turbo, additional security features help protect your personal data, including multi-factor authentication and Touch ID for your smartphone app.

Keep in mind: Turbo and Turbo Tax have the same login info so you would use the same user ID and password for both products.

Seeing your free credit score and credit report with Turbo won’t impact your credit score.

And anyone can use Turbo—you don't have to be a Turbo Tax customer to use Turbo.Turbo makes money though our partnerships with lenders and other financial institutions.Once you agree, Intuit (the makers of Turbo and Turbo Tax) will use your info to build your Turbo profile, communicate with you, and provide you with personalized offers and advice.There are other types of credit scores that different bureaus may provide.Also, credit scores pulled at different times can change if you've had something significant drop off your report, paid down debt or acquired new debt.

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This will increase your account security and make future account recovery attempts easier.

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