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Adequate family support and living with both parents are positively associated with protective sexual behaviours.The study however revealed that about one-fifth of our participants engaged in high-risk sexual behaviour.Likewise, the influence of family support on protective sexual behaviours among adolescent and young adults is less understood, especially in the Nigerian context.In Nigeria, students depend mainly on their parents to fund their university education as there are no students loans, and scholarship opportunities are few or almost non-existent.In relation to STIs, it also overlooks the fact that faithfulness to one uninfected sexual partner could prevent such infections.

In general, the literature on adolescents and youth sexual behaviours are dominated by studies examining risky sexual behaviours and its determinants [2,3,4,5,6].However, the practice of protective sexual behaviours and its determinants among this cohort has received little attention.A review of the literature shows that family structure (that is, living with single or both parents or none of them) is associated with the sexual behaviour of young people [16,17,18].These behaviours include abstinence from sex, sexual fidelity and consistent condom use.This paper builds on the work of Cort and Tu [1] who viewed sexual behaviour as a continuum; with individuals who engage in unprotected sex with multiple sexual partners on the higher end of risk continuum, while those who abstain from sex occupy the lower end of the risk continuum.

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Analysis was, however, based on 599 participants aged between 15 and 24 .

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