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Though it’s a bit messy, it’s entertaining as hell.

Watch Now Brad Bird is back with another emotive chapter in the Parr family saga that's saving the world one daredevil action sequence at a time.

Watch Now Though it feels like few people have actually seen it, this hidden gem is proof that Mary Elizabeth Winstead is worthy of sell-out crowds.

As Nina, a stand-up comedian addicted to bad choices, she's hilarious, heartfelt, and honest. Buy the DVD Jonah Hill takes the wheel for the first time to direct a nostalgic story about a kid who finds acceptance with a group of Los Angeles skater boys. It’s the purgatory stuck in between having no worries as a kid and having freedom in high school.

Watch Now Solid wife-and-husband comedy duo Melissa Mc Carthy and Ben Falcone collaborate on a feature that conjures memories of Rodney Dangerfield heading back to school.

Mc Carthy stars as a housewife who goes back to college—the same one as her daughter—and embraces what will soon be known as her glory days.

Here, she joins Kristin Scott Thomas, Emily Mortimer, Cillian Murphy, and others for a dinner party from hell in Sally Potter’s first film since There are plenty of box-office busters that deserve your attention, but don’t let this hidden indie gem sneak by you.

College graduates, city goers, and otherwise platonic friends will especially enjoy this relatable film by director Rob Reiner.

Many people can identify with the problems characters Harry and Sally are having.

They are two great friends who don't want to mess up their friendship by adding sex to the mix.

If anything, this movie shows what a little help from a happy audience can do to promote worthy romantic comedies.

"My Big Fat Greek Wedding" is a unique story about a young Greek woman who falls in love with a non-Greek, creating complications for her family in approving her new beau.

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