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I'd never been into porn or anything like that, but when my parents put the internet on the PC in my room so I could use it for my homework, I couldn't resist the temptation of having a little look around. I'm 18 and have always thought I was pretty adventurous when it came to sex, but the kind of stuff I saw, well, it was all a bit much. I was shocked to discover we were in the same town. I'd been telling all kinds of lies about myself – how I'd slept with all these guys and done all these erotic things and all the other crazy stuff people make up on the net. He admitted he'd been doing the same as me, having fun making up things, but now he started to tell the truth too. The thing is, I know net relationships are dumb things. She's from the South, and though she moved up to Boston when she married my father, she still has those ingrown Southern attitudes.

Sure, I've done oral, plenty of it, but no way would I let guys cum on my face or ram their cock down my throat till I gagged. Also, anal may sound erotic to guys, but my ass is a no-go zone. So after a few weeks I got bored with the dirty photos and videos and moved on to the dirty chat rooms. He didn't just want to cyber, he wanted to talk about other things – music, books, even politics. I slowly started to back away from all the rubbish I'd been sprouting. It's so easy to get yourself hooked onto some psycho. I've often argued with her about it, but she never listens. I mean, you're tall and good looking, like you said, but..." "But what?

So there I was, 24 hours after our first horrible meeting, sitting on the same park bench wearing the same red top – even though it was a much colder day and I was feeling the chill.

But maybe he really would give me the second chance I asked for.

I know from all the time we've been chatting that you're a good person, with a good heart and a generous soul. Even when he said 'tall, dark and handsome' he added, 'very dark' with a 'lol' after it. I didn't notice because...well, because of the way I was brought up. His voice had been cheerful when he greeted me, hurt when he saw my reaction, but now his tone was angry. We've been chatting online for months, we've got so much in common, so many things we both like – but suddenly none of that matters because I'm black." What could I say? But he was black, and 18 years of my mother's indoctrination had done its work on me. Not directly, but it was just in his general conversation. I just can't believe the wonderful person I've been chatting with for so long could turn out to be like this. When my mother called me for dinner, I told her I wasn't feeling well. There were tears in my eyes now, but even then, I couldn't help but notice the lithe athleticism of his body. I went home, shattered, and lay on my bed for hours.

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You liked the man you chatted with on the net, but now that you see he's a black man, so you don't like him any more." I was mortified – mainly because he was right.

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