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Regardless, even if defendant had preserved the issue, the district court did not abuse its discretion when it admitted the statement after finding that, under the totality of the circumstances, the defendants statement was voluntary.

Defendant waived the evidentiary protection of Rule 410; therefore, district court did not err when it admitted defendants statement in which he admitted kidnapping and killing the victim.

The bone fragments were collected for evaluation by a forensic anthropologist. Police located Blom after midnight on June 20 at a campground near Alexandria, Minnesota.

The police questioned him about Poiriers abduction and he denied any involvement. He was confined at the Carlton County Jail and bail was set at 5,000. He first retained private counsel, but on July 23, a public defender was appointed after private counsel received permission from the district court to withdraw.

Bloms lead state defense counsel could not be reached, but his federal public defender and the chief public defender for the Sixth Judicial District were able to attend the meeting.

Hanek stated that when she left work, Poiriers vehicle was still at DJs Expressway.On June 23, Blom was charged by complaint with kidnapping, in violation of Minn. In a note sent on September 3, Blom requested to speak to Seboe.Suspecting that Blom was about to confess to Poiriers murder, Seboe proceeded to arrange a meeting for that evening with Blom, Bloms counsel, and law enforcement officials.Katie Poirier, as well as plead guilty to both the state and federal charges.The state noted in its letter that it intended to convene a grand jury for the purpose of obtaining an indictment as soon as Blom gave his statement.

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Specifically, Blom was convicted for causing the death of a human being with intent to effect the death of the person * * *, while committing or attempting to commit * * * kidnapping. He claims that the court erred when it (1) denied numerous motions to change venue, continue the trial, and sequester the jury; (2) failed to prevent extra-judicial statements about his case; (3) failed to control the courtroom; (4) denied his self-representation motion, (5) admitted Spreigl evidence; (6) admitted his statement to law enforcement authorities; and (7) excluded alternative-perpetrator evidence.

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