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" It was a real transition for her to take on a serious part like that, and one for which she won't have been required to dress up and look glamorous for! Yet she still looked statuesque and there's no way they wore high heels in the 17th century, which was the setting for this drama.

Based on this recent appearance, Liv shall still have 5ft10.

said on 14/Jan/[email protected] I agree, Viggo had 1.5-2 inches on her in the film, but did you see the tricks they did to alter heights in the film? I'd give her 5'10 as she looks like a tall,slim girl said on 4/Mar/09Liv is a confirmed 5-10.the movie Hulk she looked less than 2 inches shorter than Norton and she was wearing keds or something...

I would never trust a comparison in LOR as a height guide!! I like tall women admittedly, although I think anything over 5'11" is excessive as they'd start to look taller than me in heels!! i think in person it would certainly not be something one would notice; with most average size men being the same height or taller than her. I'm sure with our 1 inch height difference we'd look great. Norton's 6 feet so she is atleast 5-10 no way she could be lesser than this said on 20/Feb/09Obviously a tall beautiful woman, at least 5'9", her daddy isn't tall, Steve was certainly never 5'10" I doubt even 5'9" he was listed at but Liv's mother was tall at 5'9".

I am of the opinion that Norton could be 6ft1 because I do remember it from a film and also I maintain my belief that Liv's 5ft10 because I have read a great many interviews and trivia from her website.Furthermore, she has wished herself petite before in an interview from Bazaar magazine, so why would she fabricate being taller?said on 8/Oct/16I thought Liv Tyler was 5ft10 and I even read in a magazine that she was 5ft11!said on 16/Aug/19Having been a fan of Liv's for 12 years, I dreamt of the lovely Liv last night, and not for the first time either! She's a lovely, honest girl, and there's no way she would lie.Last night I had 'the chance' (😂) to tell her all about Celebheights. She's got to be my all-time favourite, and I have told her so on her website!

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  1. Over time I’ve learned that it’s important to subdue my dramatic nature, especially after dating guys who really weren’t all that fascinating.