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I have always loved you." She decided that it is all too much and left him bewildered.On their way to the Praetor Lupus, Jordan pulled up at a beach in full view of a beautiful sunrise.The two eventually consummate their relationship together, even making it a regular thing, and are described as being "in love" by the others.He even took Maia to see his home at Praetor Lupus, in a demonstration of his intent to make their relationship work.Their first few months together were "like a dream" which they had spent "like sixteen year-olds in love." At some point, Jordan got in a fight at a club where some guy bit him, not realizing until later that he had been bitten by a werewolf.After three weeks, the effects of the bite started to affect him; he had sudden waves of uncontrollable rage and anger, which he took out on Maia, beginning in what Maia had described as their nightmarish last few months together.While in Lilith's hotel, they were left alone on a floor of the building after they were attacked by cult worshipers.

In his uncontrolled state, he saw her while running through the streets of New Jersey and attacked her on her way home and only eventually let her go when the neighborhood had become aware of the attack.

Jordan went by the name of Kyle when he auditioned to be a singer for Simon's garage band.

At one point, "Kyle" caught Simon staying in Eric's garage and invited him to crash at his apartment with him.

Jordan and Simon were in their apartment with Maia when they were suddenly attacked by the Endarkened, sent by Sebastian.

Jordan, as Simon's Praetor guard, ordered him to flee the apartment while he and Maia fought the Endarkened.

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Upon graduation, Jordan was told to pick a charge to become his first assignment.

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