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What's even more hilarious is how the term has no meaning -- there is no connection to Kung Fu at all.The 1980s toys used plastic with a little give, allowing them to expand enough to let an object into their hands, but strong enough to grip it.

As part of the fourth series, Flint was one of the first figures that came with a unique neck joint that was a ball, allowing the character to look up, down and left and right.Its innovation was as simple as calling the dolls "action figures." Their G. Luckily, a rival toy company, Kenner, came up with a clever solution to the problem.In the late 1970s, Kenner obliterated the competition with the release of its line of Star Wars action figures to tie in with the then-new film.Dusty's real name, Ronald Tadur, was based on Ronald Rudat, the popular Hasbro artist who designed most of the early G. Joe figures (on the cartoon series, Dusty's last name became Rudat).One of the hardest things to do with a toy line geared towards young boys is to develop female figures, as the very same gender politics at work in pushing the idea of a toy "for boys" naturally leads to the idea that a "girl" toy in said line of toys "for boys" would not be desirable.

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This ties into his second notable trait, that he is a member of Scottish royalty.

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