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The arrest followed a 2015 incident where he apologized for lying about his age to solicit "twerking" videos from underage fans.

On February 1, 2019, Jones pleaded guilty and faces a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in federal prison with a maximum of 20 years. To ring in 2018, Logan Paul treated his Logang (of which there are currently over 18 million) to a video entitled "We found a dead body in the Japanese Suicide Forest..." In the 15-minute video, which has since been deleted, Paul and his entourage visit Aokigahara, a forest on the slopes of Mt.

Tati really was one of the people to sit me down and tell me how it looked from the outside.

She let me know, 'Hey, talking to these boys might get you in trouble one day.' And she was right." The 8-minute video concluded with James calling Tati an "amazing person" who "wants the best for everyone around her.""I'm so disappointed in myself that I hurt her," the You Tube star said.

De Franco proposed to Lindsay, then his longtime girlfriend, on August 16, 2013 at his "De Franco Loves Dat AZ" show in Tempe, Arizona.

James Charles is reaching out to Tati Westbrook after she publicly slammed him in a video that has divided the You Tube community.

Westbrook, a cosmetics guru with more than 6 million subscribers, sent the You Tube community into a frenzy when she publicly addressed her dramatic falling out with Charles in a nearly 45-minute video posted on May 10, 2019. You don't have any for the people who are in this industry and that's the sad fact." Dawson's need to clarify that an old joke about participating in sexual acts with his cat was just that—a joke—was hardly the first time the popular vlogger has found himself embroiled in scandal over questionable comments or behavior.

In it, Westbrook, who Charles has heralded as his mentor and "mom," shared her side of the apparent betrayal, which involved Charles promoting Sugar Bear Hair Care vitamins on his Instagram, a direct competitor to Westbrook's own supplement company. You do not get to wake up and stress out about how unfair your job is. In January of 2018, a since-terminated You Tube channel released a video entitled "I think Shane Dawson is a pedophile.

As of 2017, De Franco lives in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles with his wife, travel vlogger Lindsay Jordan De Franco (née Doty) and their two sons.Due to joining You Tube in 2006 and soon gaining a sizable audience on the website, De Franco has been described by Lucas Shaw of The Wrap as "one of the first video bloggers to find success on You Tube, and has since built", as well as having an, "entrepreneurial spirit and understanding of You Tube".Along with creators like Shane Dawson, De Franco faced backlash for being among their most high-profile supporters.The video's thumbnail image was what the title described, except that the image only flashed for a split second.The rest of the video's content was De Franco talking.

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De Franco began his You Tube career during his finals at East Carolina University when he created his You Tube channel, calling it The Philip De Franco Show (registered as sxephil), in which he talks about "newsie type stuff, and things that matter to [him] today." Before the You Tube partner program was available, he asked for donations from his viewers after claiming to have run out of money, and selling everything except his Mac, camera, and clothes, and overdrawing his bank account so he could spend a night in a hotel as he found it too scary sleeping in a car in Brooklyn.

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