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The facts: There are so many holes in this Theory, for example most skeptics believe that we haven’t had any contact at all with aliens as of yet, as well the dark side of the moon is freezing, they would need amazing machinery to accomplish living there.

They would need a way to renew all their resources; this could be explained by growing plants for food and air.

The Theory: This has to be one of the most outlandish theories ever brought forth, it is claimed most famously by David Icke but as well by several others.

It states that the royal family of Britain, President Bush’s family as well as many other higher ups are actually aliens that are here to secretly take over earth, feeding off of humans to maintain their “human form”.

The theory: The theory here is that Mars is already being terraformed behind our backs by groups such as NASA and the ESA, it is a fairly new claim and is supported only by speculation and a few pictures.

The computer technology required to make sure it did every little thing right would cost even more.

Though they have not put forth a reason why and there is no solid evidence from them to prove this theory since the basis of their theory stops us from being able to scientifically prove they are wrong.

It is a matter of who believes what, though the evidence does seem to be stronger for the side against the Middle Ages not existing.

We don’t know for sure what’s under our earth’s crust but this theory completely forgets to mention where the magma that erupts from volcanoes comes from if the earth is hollow.

As well, the inner sun would pose numerous problems such as the inner inhabitants most likely being sucked into its gravity or caught in solar flares from it.

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