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The trait causes you to heal for 25% of your max health healthstones and when your artifact is active, this is doubled to 50%.

It's important to have two healthstone binds because you never want to overwrite your current artifact buff with a new one and so you should only ever press this bind when you don't already have your artifact buff up or you can use it as a panic button to ensure that you'll have your artfact buff up.

Then check out the You Tube video at the bottom of this post.

Click Here For an Addon With Premade Macros (Recommended) Visual learner?

You should cancel this whenever you know you're fine or if you really want to start dealing damage straight away before the buff fades.

last updated: Feb 9, 17 If you're ever in a situation where you're bladestorming and need to instantly charge, this macro will make it so that you're able to do so.

This will also mean that you won't have to de-target your target which would result in losing damage as you won't be getting any auto attacks while attempting to blind another target.

last updated: Feb 14, 17 Using this macro will make it so that you never automatically kidney shot the nearest player if your original target disappears because of a stealth ability.

last updated: Feb 14, 17 Having stopcasting in your counterspell macro means that you will never miss a counterspell because you're casting.

“The addon , as they have LIFETIME updates, so it’s updated every patch.

last updated: Feb 14, 17 Wallirikz uses two different binds for healthstone.

Hey guys, I’ve been receiving many emails asking for custom macros.

I don’t mind at all, but just be aware that it takes about a week to get back to people.

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last updated: Feb 14, 17 Using this macro allows you to quickly step to your teammates without having to first target them.

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