Intimidating girl names

She was rude to everyone, but acted like an angel in front of teachers.

She literally would befriend someone just to argue with them the next day.

You guys probably ran out of ideas because Annabelle would be the opposite of mean...:( Annabelle the doll gonna get you Maddy Yeah I agree. So, HELL YEA So id say maddison but maddison girls use the nick name maddy so it works out Sarah HECK YEAH!

There is this girl named Maddy who bullied me and stole all my friends. I know a Sarah, here's my story, in second grade I became friends with her, little did I know she would bullie me and follow me and boss me around, in fourth grade she CONVINCED me to move to this new school with her and dump all of my friends, and she talked trash about the school we were already in.

So I agree I have a best friend named Sabrina and she's really nice, so I disagree! But then when I found out she was snobby and sassy, I stopped being friends with her. I'm glad she moved to a new school." No, I don't think it's a mean girl name. Annabelle is so sweet you guys are idiots this boy who likes me calls me annabelle Seriously people?No matter what I did she wouldn't leave me alone, she was relentless and eventually drove me to try to commit suicide.Despite knowing I tried to kill myself, she still wouldn't leave me alone, even after threats from my mum, my mum talking to hers, going to the school about it, and even the police she wouldn't stop.She is the stern and bossy leader who is snarky and sarcastic. My nose is permanently broken because of ..- Llamacorn Nikki is a kind name! Georgia One of my classmate Charlotte has a sister called Georgia, and she's in my well-being group. My name is Gabriella and I have met other Gabriella's and Gabrielle's and they are as sweet as I am. I've never been in with gossip but I think she actually tore our class in half at one point. There was this girl in my school who bullies everyone and is so sassy ( in a bad way ) so I totally agree.She is he head cheerleader of the bunch at Herserky High. That's my name and I'm pretty nice Gabriella Montez, High School Musical anyone? She such a spoiled brat and she thinks she rules the world. Ok I have a friend and a cousin named amber and they are the best people in the world so I disagree Andi Mack anyone?

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Plus in middle school she had had up to four boyfriends at least. I hope I never see her again, because she made fun of me once, when I cut my hair really short to donate it to cancer patients. I don't really think that it sounds like a mean name, more like a lovable kid. She is jealous and selfish brat and she thinks she's better than everyone. And it is rude to judge a book by its cover anyways!

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