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I don't really find other ethnic groups attractive.I only seem to like whites, and some lighter dark skins, like some hispanics... This isnt saying I'm not attracted to other ethnic groups altogether, I find some attractive just find it hard to find a lot of them attractive I find indian/pakistani women too hairy There shouldn't be a problem with inter-racial relationships at all, and I dont think people in the UK on the whole have a problem with it.For black women, your will find that there are many white men who desire to meet you.All of you will find your black white relationship on I mean isn't there a saying that love knows no barrier?I believe the most important thing is the guy/girl genuinely loves you and you genuinely loves him/her as well.Online dating sites take into account different personal information and verify them.

Despite that, you will still pursue the one, which often is not in your dreams.

In fact, after visiting there last summer, I think that germans, of either sex, like going out with black people.

I personally think its really to silly seek out someone of a certain 'race', you end up searching for ceratin characterstics so much you actually forget that the person u are dating is an INDIVIDUAL, not a trophy, or a symbol.

Here is a site which features Asian men with European women: actually i've seen alot of white couples everywhere i go.

i think it is becoming more acceptable in our generation.

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And, our group recognizes that there are some challenges that we all face when using the various website dating groups.

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