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This was made up of the female prostitutes and males referred to as "kerb-crawlers" that sought out the "services" of the female prostitutes.

They started the movement called "Prostitution Off the Streets" where they patrolled the streets at night for any potential street prostitution as well as initiated a petition against street prostitution.

Occasionally, the ads would reference a "massage", which was also a phrase that soon became synonymous with prostitution.

In addition to these phrases, the newspaper ad included a phone number for the potential clients to call to obtain the desired services.

This makes it difficult for police to take action against "procuring" online because, as behind the scenes operations are being taken care of remotely, they cannot trace any of the activity; they can only uncover the prostitute.

Restaurants became a location for a lot of foreign prostitutes in Finland to sell their services, particularly in the city center of Helsinki.

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Restaurants were willing to partake in this form of prostitution because they were able to make a profit off of the prostitutes by charging them a fee when entering the restaurant for business as well as when they leave with a client.

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