How to start speed dating

Develop Your Plans and Strategies Part of what you need to do if you want to start your own speed dating business is to develop a plan that will enable you attract singles that are ready for relationships and also events that will keep them coming and create enabling environment for people to hook up with little or no stress. Rent a Meeting Venue and Set Time and Date for Meetings Before sending out invitations to singles to attend your event, you are expected to first of all sort out all the logistics that will enable you have a fantastic event.

However, even though this might look like a simple business to start up, you have to treat it seriously like any other business.You are expected to take a note book and then list all the names and contacts of singles in your area.You can start with friends on your phone book and also on your social network contact list.Of course, you are expected to fund the first outing from your pocket.So going forward, you need to look for means of generating money from the people that attends your single meetings or create a membership package that will require single to register before attending your single networking events. Send out Invitations to Singles around You Once you have been able to lock down a venue for your singles networking event, you can then send out invites to singles around you.

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The online community will provide you with an avalanche of singles that are ready for relationships but you must be careful with the kind of people you allow to join your speed dating site.

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