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Unless you want to have children and start a family with a woman, long-term relationship where she moves in with you, simply do not worth all the problems.I could write an entire book on all the risks and problems with live-in girl-friend LTR in this modern “progressive” feminist world, but instead, I will focus on the solution with this post.

Also, it will create attraction right from the start because you’re taking charge. If you do not fucked-it up, later on, consider you just sealed the deal in the first 10 second of the first date. The truth is, she wants you to lead and she expects you to lead. Have a plan A, a plan B, and even a plan C and proceed accordingly. Hold her by the hand or hold her at the level of the shoulder if possible and physically lead her where to go. Bring her into your world; make her experience what it is to have fun for you. This is what dating with you is, if she does not like it, no big deal, she can go back home anytime.She doesn’t see every single facial expression you do.If you do not talk for a couple of minutes, it doesn’t feel awkward.In this fuck-up society, when it comes to women, the best is simply to date.More sex, more fun, no problems, fewer risks and you don’t end ‘up feeling like a castrated indoor cat.

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You have some nice physical fun, you hold her hand, you help her to cross the little stream because she afraid to fall, she holds your hand, you are her hero…

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