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Most of these fans also hate the Nyotalia characters (genderbends of the Hetalia boys, such as Rosie (Fem! Hungary)) Yet, these frustrating fangirls are the same people who go home to make female characters who are Mary-Sues and self inserts and are created just for the sake of shipping them with a canon character.

Being someone who reviews these horrible OCs I must admit they are all over the place.

Her main ships are with Monaco, France or England, as they are the ones who she has the most built up relationships with (but it's still not much to go on, and France x Seychelles is very controversial as it is.) still, due to how much she can get in the way of the yaoi (supposedly) and how 'shippable she is' and how much of a 'whitewashed mary sue' she is, she get the most hate. She's often given hate for being a 'psycho', or a 'creep' or something to do with her relationship with Russia. I'll leave a link underneath this unworthy little section to someone much more awesome than myself, but I'll try to summarise.

(Which is kind of rich coming from a bunch of people who own their own whitewashed Mary sues.)Ohhhh Belarus. Finally, I bring up the last Hetalia girl of this post.

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Now, the Hetalia fandom, one of my main fandoms, is an easy one to start with.

) and being villainised (much like Belarus), being a fujiyoshi, and being a helpless, yet manly, woman.

Here you will find a large collection of free sim dating games.

Or some reaserch, but then negating it all at the end( which is what happened with a review I recently did of a certain Ireland OC)Now, It's no joke that I think these girls are misunderstood.

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I think the fault was hidden in just how bad the game was, a dating sim no less, where she was the player character.

Because she was the player character in a dating sim, which mainly revolved around 'Britian, or France' she is often accused of being a whore. Because she can be shipped with anyone, at any time, easily, due to her rather undeveloped personality and bland relationships.

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