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However, the majority of the other strips make up other time periods, including but not limited to the Medieval ages and the 21st century.

The comic is named for both the Axis and the lead character Italy, with Hetalia being a portmanteau of Hetare ("useless") and Italia (Italy).

A short dating sim demo featuring the characters of Hetalia, as high school students attending the World Academy W.

There was an attempt to make another Kitakou game, Advance!

The website is best-known for being the home to the original webcomic version of Hetalia: Axis Powers (listed by Himaruya as Axis Powers Hetalia).

The site also features downloadable computer games, and features artwork for the three ongoing webcomics.

Kitakou Broadcasting Club Pure, which featured changes in designs and the story, however this too failed to get any further than a demo (though it lead to its own comic).

A published version of Kitakou was also planned, but has yet to surface.

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These series were once part of Kitayume but have either been taken off the main page, or deleted completely.

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