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Mc Clintock says she was surprised by the higher-education finding because being more highly educated “puts you in a more accepting environment.” (She discovered that men with a higher level of education were less likely to identify as “100 percent heterosexual,” as she expected.)But she points out that women who continue their education and those who are more attractive typically have more opportunities to date men, and for those who are attracted to both men and women, this could influence how they label their sexuality.Mc Clintock stresses that same-sex sexual interactions aren’t a “second choice” — it simply may be that people who are attracted to both sexes but had good relationships with the opposite sex and were single less often just never explored the option of having a sexual interaction with someone of the same sex.In a statement obtained by VOA, Ledia Hanifa Amaliah, an Indonesian politician from the PKS, said that the party does not fully object to the bill, but that some wording needs to be changed and it should be more in line with Islamic views.“The PKS faction is of the opinion that religiosity should be one of the perspectives needed to prevent sexual crimes,” she wrote.Ratna Batara Munti, a lawyer and a coordinator of a civil group that is pushing for the bill, accused opponents of spreading hoaxes as soon as the bill gained traction in recent months.“This is a deliberate duping,” she said, referring to the allegations that the law would encourage premarital sex, homosexual sex or prostitution.The opposition is mostly based on Islamic religious grounds.

“If you’re attracted to both sexes, context and opportunity may have more influence on which sex you partner with.”Related:  When Opposites (Seem to) Attract: How Does Science Explain Sexual Chemistry?Though the initiative has gained traction in recent months among the leading political factions, the government is still slated to discuss the bill at length with the House of Representatives later this year before it could be passed, according to the lawyer Munti.“They have expressed their commitment to pass it this year, but there’s no guarantee that it will be carried [over to] the next administration,” Amiruddin said, referring to the presidential and legislative elections in April.Available on the House of Representatives’ website, the bill, proposed since 2017, ensures the rights of victims and the rights of the victims’ families.Moreover, the bill presides over more specific cases, such as forced abortion, marriage or contraception.

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