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Many of them have sexually explicit photos posted on their profile pages and they don't want these pics being spread.

So if you recognize someone on an explicit picture than please DO NOT distribute it on social media and respect everyone's privacy.

I see this girl at the party and she was easily the hottest chick out of any party I'd been to. A tell-tale sign of a weeaboo to be sure, but oh how little I knew.I like to think that little bit of irony was the punchline to the entire relationship.Now that years later, I know what a weeaboo is, I hope that my story can warn others that no matter how hot a chick is, she can still be a disgusting weeaboo cunt that packs herself full of dolls.After being destroyed emotionally all day, I still replied with "of course I'm supportive, it's just some anime and gay porn. I walked away and smoked the rest of my cigarettes.She likes what she likes lol" She then says "so you're completely fine with what she does in Japan? This is where I made the mistake of asking what she meant. I slept on the couch, and woke up 3 hours later to go to work.

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