Festival days dating sim cheat codes

*EDIT* TIP: With the Stats, having the EXP for the boy of your choice anywhere over 3500 will get you the "best ending". NOTE: This Contains spoilers, I will make a note of when a spoiler (the ending) is about to show, it is up to you whether you want to look at it or zoom past it. Gifts that Mako likes are: Soccer Ball : 25 EXP Watch : 25 EXP Mp3 : 25 EXP Lunchbox : 30 EXP Cookies : 30 EXP For the Cultural Festival Mako is participating in the "Haunted House".Chose that option if he is your romantic interest to spend the rest of your life with him ^-^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SPOILER~~~~~~~~~~~~ Use the following Cheat Code at the bottle on the beach to get about 630 EXP for each use with Mako.Gifts Ren likes: Mp3: 25 EXP Lunch Box: 30 EXP Cookies: 30 EXP For the Cultural Festival, Ren is working back stage of the auditorium, if he is your romantic interest, choose "Backstage Studio".~~~~~~SPOILER~~~~~~~~ You can find Akito at his father's cafe, "Noru Cafe". Gifts that Akito likes: Cook Books: 25 EXP Plush Toy: 25 EXP Coffee: 20 EXP Lunch Box: 30 EXP Cookies: 30 EXP For the cultural festival, Akito is in "You classes' Cafe" So that is where you wanna go if he is your romantic interest.From the date of the answer, the 24th of April 2012, it is 18,259 days…there is elf girl sim date rpg and elf sim date i think that is what they are called at least so i hope i helped you!ipwnchucknorris = 2000HP, 1000$, 50 stat points, and 100 of all items skywithdiamonds=00 isteppedonhistoe = Automaticaly takes you to the final day in Wonderland in which it's the day of the ball. You need to have a 6/6 in the mood meter and can get that score by talking thrice, giving gifts twice, having them give you something back, and at last you can go for a kiss.

Mako: nobodylikesanex You find Kaoru at School, ALWAYS skipping class, but then again, so are you.NOTE: i am putting them all in capitals so it easier to read, however when your at the bottle at the beach they MUST be lower case. MEDICPLZ - 1000 HP IHASMOOLAH - 00 EPICPICKPOCKETING - 50 OF ALL ITEMS ARENTISHINY - FULL STATS (about 200-300 each on CHARM, SKILL, and LUCK) WORLDISMINE - 1000 HP, 00, 50 of all items, and full stats HIBERNATE - takes you straight to the Culture Festival Note: I recommend not using "hibernate" until you have successfully gotten a boy to fall in love with you. The second one is in the library, on the white board. So if it is 9 o'clock and you go ahead 6 hours, what time is it? It was the job of the priests in ancient Rome to keep the calendar current, with the proper number of days in each month and year so that the festival days, religious days, and work days were in order.They had neglected this duty and by Caesar's time the calendar was three months out of sync with the seasons.

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