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Hard to face the real fact that our marriage is perhaps too broken to sort out......... It's sad to feel like its a condition of being "lovable." Anyway, thanks again.This message is way too rambling: it reflects the turmoil that I am feeling.It is easy to say be bold and beautiful, but if I am fat and ugly to him, it doesn't wash. My question is perhaps a little naive: why ask about intimacy, when our situation seems truly unsustainable.Anyway, thank you for your time, it feels cathartic simply to get those feelings out.

The images of men either made fun of their stomachs like the teaser photo - or they were hot big burly men (often pictured with thin women).I need to ask you about the partner side of things..... Ex: I asked him to drop me off at my mom's (I had just put the mower in the truck) so I could mow her grass: He said "Why don't you walk, you could use the exercise? Had a year clean, just recently relapsed: last weekend). I never, ever check his phone: I don't want to be a detective, but I got weak after his renewal of drinking." I have a million commitments AT HOME, and mom's place to look after, and he makes that crack. I found a facebook friend of his that was a pic of a quite young girl, with nipples poking out in her profile pic. She was tiny, tiny with an enormous chest and a lot of the pics were very sexy and off course beautiful.It is easier not to get hurt, if the expectations were never high anyway.The irony is, when the person is "ready to loose weight" and face things, it is a long haul to loose the weight.

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As a fat woman in shame recovery—sex and fat is like the big whopper of shame sandwiches. Sex all by itself is simply loaded with all kinds of baggage.

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