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We are sending an HTTP get request to the default CAS login page, retrieving the lt token, and then sending an HTTP post request to CAS with the username/password/lt in the body of the post.

We wrote our own Authentication handler and implemented it into cas as a jar.

We are successfully authenticating, and then getting the CASTGC value and setting that as our token.

Application Name: (affiliate application name) Ticket Issued By: (in-process account name) Sender Name: (isolated host account name) I have found this documentation, that suggests that in order to use SSO tickets, the hosts must be trusted: have done this, which makes no difference.

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We are not sending a “service” parameter to the /cas/login url, as we just want to get the validated token and continue with our login process code.

If you need any code we are using, I can certainly supply that.

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I have a Biz Talk messaging-only interchange that uses the legacy HTTP adapter running in an isolated host on the receive end, which routes directly to a send port using the WCF-Oracle DB adapter.

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