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In the past, PPL scams were masked as payments for translations from your language to Ukrainian or back.

Some of the websites still use this legend to explain the need for payments per message.

From paying commissions to people sending traffic as the rates of as much as 0 per sale (I know it, because I used to be getting these payments myself from ‘A Foreign Affair’ aka loveme.com), to placing seemingly unbiased, but in fact totally skewed in one direction comments online, as well as getting glamorized mentions in various current affair programs.

I also was also used by one such movie maker, who seemed genuine but produced a totally one-directional movie, shown by Netflix, obviously sponsored by the same company (Loveme.com).

Legitimate dating websites are doing the job of connecting eligible singles. In case of your being on a genuine dating site, they do not offer to book your trip.

If the company is offering tours or accommodation, this is where they are making money.

Top-10 things to look for when seeking a legitimate Ukrainian dating site.

Dating advice for western men considering an option of meeting women from Ukraine.

This would unveil a wealth of reports on how Ukraine, the “matchmaking capital of the world”, is really a place for some of the most outrageous dating scams of the 21 century.

Most profiles on scam websites have very broad requirements to a partner, which nearly any man in any country will fit.

On genuine dating websites women have much more precise requirements to the type of men they wish to meet.

I was used as a pawn, naively agreeing to give an interview under a false pretence.

Still leaves an unpleasant taste in my mouth when I think about it.

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