Effects of teen dating abuse

Visit the following pages for additional information and resources from the Office of Justice Programs and other federal sources: Links from the NCJRS website to non-federal sites do not constitute an endorsement by NCJRS or its sponsors.NCJRS is not responsible for the content or privacy policy of any off-site pages that are referenced, nor does NCJRS guarantee the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, or correct sequencing of information.While in that difficult transition from childhood to becoming an adult, teens often encounter many struggles and instead of finding a healthy way to release the built up energy surrounding these issues, they can become violent.The effects of youth violence is not only negative for the teen themselves, but also for family and friends around them.Individual risk factors for teen violence Risk factors that your teen may be violent can be experienced on an individual basis.Here are the individual risk factors for teen violence (2): Family factors for teen violence Some risk factors that your teen may be violent include those that are the result of the home and family environment.

Examples include physical and emotional harm, as well as stalking.

Teens face many obstacles and many do not cope well with the struggles, instead lashing out in violence causing problems for families and others.

This article explains the effects of youth violence.

At-risk groups for teen violence Some groups are more likely than others to engage in youth violence.

If you teenager is part of one of these groups, he or she is at a higher risk for committing acts of violence against others, or being a victim of teenage violence (1): Additionally, female teens are more likely, at 12 percent, to be forced into having sexual intercourse, a form of sexual or date violence, than their male counterparts (at six percent) (2).

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The helpline also offers tips on preventing abusive relationships and promotes awareness of healthy dating relationships.

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