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On the Sunny Side Up Report, Laura and Johnnie are joined by Beverly Hills High School royalty, Homecoming Queen Leslie Paul.The three former schoolmates go through the divorce stories of the day including who is faking their marriage these days, the rock and roller who sobbed over their son's divorce, the latest "B-ossip" and some surprising ways to save your marriage. Professional organizer and outspoken creative, Jacqui Knapp joins Laura to share tips for divorcees to stay organized before, during and after divorce.Laura speaks first with Divorce & Narcissistic Recover Coach Megan Holgate, the author of "How to Divorce a Narcissist And Not Get Screwed.

Find out what happens when weed enters divorce, and how it can enhance your mood.Walzer of Walzer Melcher LLP to discuss how to improve communication for couples, prenuptial agreements, and other relevant family law matters. Today's Sunny Side Up Report includes long term relationship advice from Rob Lowe, the most common arguments couples have, divorce lawyers share the strangest reasons for divorce, shopping for your wedding day on Amazon, and some surprising expenses in getting a divorce.Peter is the President of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, and one of the foremost experts in the U. Laura sits down with author, C-suite advisor, key note speaker, and executive coach Charmaine Mc Clarie to discuss how you can apply Charmaine's professional coaching strategies to reclaim your power and represent yourself after a divorce. its over easy, the online divorce service ", "auto Play":false}'Laura is joined by Cannabis Law expert, Attorney Alexa Steinberg for a frank conversation about weed, flower and the best CBD products.You'll also hear tips to help make the next chapter way better than the last.

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