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I put his cock in my mouth to get the last bit of his cum and jack my cock furiously. Maverick came over and licked it up- then licked his owner's cock. It was hot and different and a turn-on, but it also made me feel ashamed, and dirty.I drove the two hours back home in a haze thinking "what did I just DO?But eventually we found a weekend that would work, so I went for it. The weirdest part turned out to be the fact that his wife KNOWS all about his fetish. Dont' mind me, I'm just here to be fucked by your husband's dog while he helps out." As I said- weird.I drove down to his place on Saturday afternoon so that we could hang out, drink beer, watch k9 porn, and then do some dog sex. She doesn't participate, but she DID want to meet me before leaving us alone. She left to go out with her girlfriends and then we were alone.The guy is so turned on at this point that he stands up and says he's gonna cum.

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