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Page 7 said the price reductions and compensations would encourage "industrial" farming for some and leave everyone else “poverty stricken and marginalised”. declared that "such a total transformation" of the sys- tem was “both wrong and disas- trous.” Mr Ignaz Kiechle, Germany’s agriculture minister, In an attempt to mollify the farm lobby, insisted that compensation payments for European formers must continue “indefinitely’’ to make up for the drastic cute in cereal prices agreed in Brussels. In fact the recovery remains gen- erally weak and regionally spotty, explaining, for example, Mr Bush's weakness in the west, where the economy still lags. They appear to make a good team, combining Cassell’s cre- ative flair and energy, her hus- band’s common sense, her brother's expertise. Why battle the high streets when you can take a leisurely drive out to the coun- try to the relaxed atmosphere of the barn?

The EC reform package must be accepted in the Uruguay Round of trade liberalisation talks as the bottom line, he CONTENTS insisted. A Los Angeles Times poll on Thursday had him last in Likely independent presidential candidate Ross Perot addresses a rally in Kentucky, where volunteers handed over more than 40,000 signatures to have his name put on the presidential ballot in the state California. The Arkansas governor's current problem Is that although be is on the verge of securing his party’s nomina- tion he has virtually disap- peared from the media. Epatty fimiral 61 Equity Japan Acc Etai Ut Mrttc Eqo Hy UK . The children can play in the playground, the parents can try out the goods at their leisure, and the cost can be significantly lower.

By WHJiafn Dawkins In Paris, Quentin Peel in Bonn and Ivor Owen hi London FRENCH AND GERMAN formers yesterday greeted the European Community form policy reforms with outrage- Demonstrations, which broke out in France after Thursday night’s agreement, continued as formers set fire to bundles of straw and tyres at crossroads and protested in front of public build- ings in several provincial towns. The idea should hold good for plans to take the show abroad in future years." Glasson Dock is a small village but it has taken Liz and John to its heart Over the last three years the couple have turned the traditional Bonfire Night of November 5 into a community event for 1,500 people, with a children's lantern procession and a 30-strong organising committee. Will collect from Dublin Airport for view Over 200 Acres new post and tailing. Til close you down if it’s the last thing I do.” was the message from one.

In Rouen, a demonstrator and a policeman were slightly injured after about 200 farmers set fire to a police post at the entrance to a government office. Word about the Fitzcarraldo project spread like wildfire. Top of range imported and custom Lmntin now amving. The local residents were not too thrilled at the idea of suppliers and shoppers trundling down the country ■ lane - and started a petition to stop the enterprise.

German farmers called an emergency meeting of their exec- utive council to decide on further action, and warned that the reforms could mean "the struc- tural collapse of whole regions”. The CNN-USA Today survey gave him and President George Bush 35 per cent each and Governor Bill Clinton of Arkansas 25 per cent. •'V: t- ■ MINDING YOUR OWN BUSINESS BUSINESSES FOR SALE I MAJO R 500 ACRE SPORTING/LEISURE ESTATE THE CURBAGH, KILDARE, IRISH REPUBLIC Ontstandiigr Potential Golf, Stud, Shooting. Equivalent British Estates making 6 to 10 nrillioa. Spurred on by the need to pay her children's school fees, and by a burning desire to prove herself in business - having underachieved at school - she dug In her heels. “It’s a car- ing, nurturing one - nurtur- ing the mother - but then I’ve got to get the knife into some- body the other side.

He tried to console formers by arguing that incomes would “not only be maintained but will even be improved because the fall in prices will be fully compensated for by aids, whatever the size of form". How- ever, he estimated that over a three-year period prices would be 2 per cent lower than they other- wise would have been. But, having campaigned as the candidate of ‘‘change”, he senses Mr Perot is stealing his clothes. Global Brad Min l&M Purlraonr Fd Ma H Eirageia fc : May IB.. Fata Portfolio fl Sra -| 8X0*24 Portfolio B SB- ■■■■I 8000 -Price » at May 19 Munrara Aslan toyart m e to rt Fjl SICA|V Nomura Rnscnfaerg Alpha Foota Mark H Portfolio A- HAV. 1 184102-00 HEP BEF I Bf ri WMl 00 Pacific Basla Growth Fund NAVA Sib - - ■ I *19 70 -0D5 - HAVBSUv. Nev- ertheless, Cassell says that on a Saturday morning alone the shop can take in as much as a small, local high street shop mak es in two to three weeks.

Although the CBI predicted that growth would quicken to 2.9 per cent next year, it stressed that its forecast was subject to downside risks. I - Transwotld Bond Tract HAV_ I S 11.91 1 -OK I US Pacific Stock Fund (id HAV I 516-38 I ( 1)1 - Unibank SA. As Liz explains: “Moving people and large props around is a costly process, but on board it all comes in one little steel package: our total fuel bill for the summer is £5,000 (for 12 venues) - a fraction of the cost of bed and breakfast and transport. Pleasantly surprised by the demand, sbe decided to offer new products.

Underlining the muted nature of the anticipated Continued on Page 24 Only when function and style combine perfectly DOES A GREAT CLASSIC EMERGE. “One of the disadvantages of touring Europe is the costs involved. Seeking 3 trillion saving region Tor quid: s Serious buyers only. The area’s high street retail- ers were not brat pleased.

These horological skills have been cherished and handed down from father to son. If Mr Perot is vulnerable, it will probably be on his record as a ruthless tycoon intolerant of dissent and always willing to cut comers to achieve an end. CUBA 511 98 CUri B I *11.70 Ban Egalty Pa*tf*Oa cuba . Cassell is well aware of how a home-run business can take over one’s life; she used to work for Relate, as a marriage guidance counsellor.

One reason perhaps why many connoisseurs consider our watches to achieve collector value the moment they are made. Meanwhile Mr Clinton struggles to be beard and Mr Bush lets Mr Quayle preach the older doctrines of conserva- tism. She has two rules: sbe must have time for her three children and hus- band.

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