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Girls from Russia like men courting them, giving flowers and gifts.

And if he does not want to spend money on courting his chosen lady, then he is “greedy” (the word Russians use for “stingy” or “cheap”) and not a “real man”.

But if the woman’s income is much lower than the man’s, the guy should cover the expenses.

The majority of Russian women believe that men should take care of the bill on the date.The rating of such a man significantly drops in a woman’s eyes.For this story I performed my own research and asked my Russian female friends and acquaintances who should pick the bill during courtship.It’s a kind of a test: if a man can’t pay for the dinner, how is he going to provide for the family?(The only goal of Russia’s girls in dating is to get married and “create a family“.) A man should demonstrate that he is financially secure, reliable and ready to support.

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Gentlemen ask a reasonable question: if a woman wants to be independent, have the same rights and build a successful career, why can’t she pay for herself? “Finally, they [men] could evaluate profitability of feminism,” she states.

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  1. I’m not complaining nor am I making any judgements on either culture; I’m just trying to understand British men (ugh) and assimilate to the Scottish ways – without turning into a slag. I’ve linked to this Leah Mc Laren article about British men before and even though she received a lot of harsh criticism for it, I think she is generally right.