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For information on renewing your licence, see Expiry & Renewal, below. These include: Nova Scotia has a Graduated Driver Licensing system with 3 levels: (1) Learner's Licence, sometimes called Beginner's (see Learner's Licence); (2) Newly Licensed Driver's Licence (see Newly Licensed Driver's Licence); (3) The Restricted Individual stage.

For information on replacing your licence or changing the address on it, see (Additional Information E), (F) and (G), below. As a result, there are several different classes of Nova Scotia Driver's Licences.

For information on Identification Requirements, please visit the Registry of Motor Vehicles website.

: (1) new drivers; (2) drivers who used to have a Nova Scotia Driver's Licence but don't now; and (3) visitors and newcomers with an out-of-province, out-of-country driver's licence. (someone who never had any kind of Driver's Licence before).

If you are a visitor to Nova Scotia and (a) you are at least 16, and (b) you already have a valid driver's licence from another part of Canada (or from another country), you can drive in Nova Scotia for up to 90 days without getting a Nova Scotia Driver's Licence. You need to get a Nova Scotia driver's licence within 90 days of becoming a resident.

For information on what you have to do to pass this road test, see the For information on exactly what you have to do to set up a road test, see Newly Licenced Driver's Licence, Additional Information (F).: your Nova Scotia Driver's Licence has expired -- but it expired less than 5 years ago.In that case, you can renew your Driver's Licence without taking the written test or a road test (Driving Examination). (b) : Your Nova Scotia Driver's Licence expired more than 5 years ago.As soon as you pass the road test, you can get your Driver's Licence.All conditions associated with the licence shall be re-established.

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In Nova Scotia, drivers are licensed according to the type(s) of vehicle(s) they are qualified to drive.

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