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What this results in is often the complete inability to apologize. And as most of us grow up, we can learn to see things (not accept, but at least see them) from another point of view.

(I've had times I really, deeply wanted to say "I'm sorry," but physically could not get the words out.)We have ridiculously, almost childishly long, drawn-out arguments about whose "fault" something is, and a complete inability to change thoughts and behaviors we believe (whether true or not to you and the rest of society) to be correct. But when it comes to dating us, there are some things you MUST be able to do.

During sex, we are able to finally feel mentally, spiritually and emotionally complete; we see it as one of the greatest pleasures we can share with another person.

And it's one of the only times we can totally lose ourselves, feeling an out-of-body high that's much too all-encompassing to describe.

When it comes to loving, liking, sleeping with or even considering showing interest in a Sagittarius, these are the things you need to know ahead of time.

As Sagittarians, we hold onto freedom like it is our lifeblood.

Yes, this is one of the pros of a fire sign and something we value highly.

Realize that just because we want freedom, doesn't mean we're going to take advantage of it for reasons that are harmful to you. On the other hand, don't even hint at telling us we must or can't (yes, either) do something, go somewhere, see someone, eat something, drink something, accomplish something (unless you really want to motivate us), say something, and so on.And, most importantly, you must be able to say you're sorry.There is no way in hell we're going to be the one's who are always taking blame (~sorry~, but it's true).This doesn't mean we're nymphos, and it doesn't mean we're easy.It just means sex is an important aspect of any intimate relationship to us, more so than to the majority of the population.

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What it really boils down to is we hold our value systems — about anything, be it right vs. female responsibilities or sexual preferences — very close to our hearts.

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