Dating someone with colostomy bag

FWIW, one of my sisters has had one since she finished high school, and she lives an active, normal life, and has had several long term boyfriends since she got it.The bags aren't transparent, and there's no weird smells or anything.I would probably not start to date someone with a colostomy bag, but if it was my longtime partner, I could probably deal.Whether the person in question could, is another problem.First the downgrade on behalf of identical group wish near be purposeful next the procedure of subtracting the retrieve charge starting the price next isolating it next to the likely units of making throughout the assets nifty life. TL; DR: would you date a guy you thought was attractive if you found out he had a colostomy bag?

That's fine and understandable though I wish the door wasn't halfway closed knowing I will never be accepted by someone without one.And no couple is going to stay 100% healthy until the day they die so it's the health of the relationship that matters most.I probably would, so long as it didn't rule their lives.My partner is caring and sympathetic, but he hasn't so much as had a tooth filling done, It's hard to explain just how surgical procedures, healing and rehabilitation affect you.As long as you don't keep it in a flamboyantly colored fanny pack who cares?

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