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It has all of the hardware, except the outer bass drum ring and a few clamps, but all of the anchors are there. They were notorious for having no real system for assigning or recording what serial number was applied to which drum.Pics The sizes of the Drums are: 14x14 floor tom, 12x9 rack tom, 14x8 snare. I certainly do not know enough to narrow it down any further than that.Not a huge deal, but their re-sale value as a kit will diminish if the colors are off or if the badges don't match. If it sticks you have Chrome-Over-Steel hoops (COS), otherwise it is Chrome-over-Brass.

Just go to ebay and do a search for "slingerland red sparkle" each piece could sell individually for a decent price. Once you have access to the kit to take more photos and really dive into the parts, head over to Vintage Drum Forum. You probably already found this list of articles about Slingerland drums, but here it is again just in case.

Lastly, your snare drum looks to have a TDR throw-off, which if original points to a model introduced in the 1970s; so for the record would not be original to your kit.

Just for fun, your kit in Slingerland's 1968 - 1970 catalog #69 is pictured below. Don't know if those are any more rare than the 20's.

In late 1969 into early 1970 Slingerland began transitioning to the chrome version. It has the different color badge so I thought it might be a '70. That is false, the aluminum Set-O-Matic was Slingerland's flagship tom holder throughout 19.

So actually misteranderson - the black & brass badges on your kit along with the Set-O-Matic by themselves would only indicate 1968 - 1970; more features of your drums would have to be considered to pin things down further. Here's the snare badge and a side shot that shows the throw off better. In late 1969 into early 1970 Slingerland began transitioning to the chrome version.

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