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My personal preference is the twin megacities in Guangdong: Guangzhou and Shenzhen. So what’s good about Beijing, and are Beijing girls worth dating, especially if you’re seeking a Chinese mail order bride? Beijing is the easiest Chinese city to travel to, with regular international flights from a wide range of other countries including the USA and Canada.Beijing airport is incredibly modern, and is fairly efficient, although delays do frequently occur in bad weather.Beihai in Guangxi Province and Xiamen in Fujian Province are two cities worth looking at.If you must live in Beijing then it’s best to avoid going outside when the air pollution is especially bad.I ended up travelling to meet a girl in Western Hubei Province.To meet her I had to take an international flight from London to Beijing, then an internal flight from Beijing to Wuhan, and finally a four hour train journey to her home city. I’ve since found that it’s far better to focus your search on ladies from a particular city.I enjoyed the fact that Beijing airport seemed to employ mainly Chinese supermodels as security personnel and shop assistants.

Many Chinese girls aspire to owning an LV bag, a car and a posh apartment, so be wary of the girls who are just in it for the money.I think Beijng ladies are attractive but the couple I’ve dated have been really cunning and I don’t know if I could trust them.I don’t know if it was just them or whether China’s seat of political power breeds ladies with a particular Machiavellian streak.It was also by far the best dating site I used while I was living in China.The quality of the ladies on this site is top notch and there are loads of good English speakers too! If you want to date Chinese women, then there’s a whole lot of choices you need to make.

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