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Social perspective taking (the ability to see perspectives beyond one's own) is strongly related to purchase influence and negotiation.

Impression formation (the construction of social comparisons) is also strongly related to understanding the social aspects of products and consumption.

When we apply these psychological concepts to the fast-moving world of internet advertising, it becomes apparent that children have even less psychological protection from potentially deceptive practice, for the online environment is fundamentally different from television.

Children's exposure to advertising online can be prolonged and continuous rather than episodic and confined to the commercial break, and it can be interactive, engaging and exciting.

This paper examines the evidence behind these concerns, gives an overview of the codes currently in place to regulate online advertising to children and presents a review of the commercial practice on some of the websites currently popular with UK primary school children aged 9–11.

Most of the sites accessed by today's children are not specifically targeted at them.

The growth in children's access to the internet has led to the development of thousands of child-oriented websites, many of them heavily laden with commercial promotion.

It is argued that at least some advertising techniques can also be defined as ‘inappropriate’ if children are not capable of understanding their persuasive intent, From this perspective, the fundamental issue of what is ‘appropriate’ for children is a highly emotive topic and one that is currently ambiguously defined.Children of this age have difficulty in thinking about their own perspective and that of another person simultaneously (John, p. The analytical stage (7–11) is a period of huge change for children's development during which they begin to appreciate more abstract concepts such as value for money and start to develop understanding of advertisers’, although they may possess abstract knowledge about, for example, the role of advertising in society, they need cues (such as clearly labelled adverts) in order to be able to retrieve this information.but there is some dispute over whether understanding intent automatically implies scepticism towards that intent and a number of researchers believe that it is not until around the age of 12 that children develop a scepticism So while there is a general consensus that below the age of 12 children's cognitive abilities are really not well-enough developed for them to make unaided assessments about what is designed to entertain and what is designed to persuade, there is still debate over whether even after this age knowledge about the role of advertising in society is enough to engage a child's critical faculties.This evidence is based largely on the context of television advertising.

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estimates that only 2 per cent of children's websites carry no advertising content.

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