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Makefile Makefile (old version, use the makefile in the root directory) Makefile definitions (old version) Local makefile bgpu/ Simulator and emulator binary related classes and source code. Vector Shader/ Shader stage related simulation classes. tests/ Tools for testing different parts of the ATTILA simulator. ACDLTest/ Test tools for the ACDL ACDX/ Extensions for the ACDL. An experimental API to create tests for the simulator. Code Generator/ Automatized code generation for the Open GL trace tools.confs/ Configuration files for the simulator (must be renamed to b before use). D3DCodegen/ Automatized code generation for the D3D9 PIX trace tools. D3DStadistics/ D3D9 PIX trace statistics and instrumentation tool (plugin for the D3D9 PIX trace player). utils/ Miscelaneous classes used by the API source. config/ Configuration files used for the ATTILA simulator mini-regression test.

VDrift is a cross-platform, open source driving simulation made with drift racing in mind.

Begin by opening all of your text files from the link on the startup page under your project file name.

Depending on which text editor you selected in preferences, the text editor will pop up in a separate window and display all of the files, including script.rpy, options.rpy, gui.rpy, and

Check for documentation available documentation in the ATTILA wiki: Usage: make [clean | simclean] make [what options] clean - Delete all OBJs and binary files.

simclean - Delete only simulator related OBJs, and binary files.

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Have you ever played a visual novel, choose your own adventure game, dating simulator, or another similar type of game, and thought about making one yourself?

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