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The cast includes Rhys ifans as Edward de Vere, Vanessa Redgrave as Queen Elizabeth I, Derek Jacobi as Prologue, Mark Rylance as Gloucester and Edward Hogg as Robert Cecil. In my view any publicity about the Shakespeare authorship question is good publicity, simply because those who control this issue within the academic world have ensured that the subject has been virtually unknown to the majority of teachers, professors and students – or else it has been ridiculed and ignored.

Now there will be questions, more and more of them.

It’s also useful for ascertaining the facts rather than whatever’s ordained by Stratfordian fiat, and for determining far more plausible time-lines.

(1578-1611) for instance, makes sense as a work of juvenilia, with resonances to issues of court and de Vere himself circa.

Foolish as it now seems, I assumed the doctor would use his expertise and experience to evaluate the works, or at least the playwright himself.

Instead Waugaman tells and retells how Freud, believing de Vere to be the true author, urged his followers to psychoanalyze the man and his works.

The biographies of William and Robert Cecil, of Queen Elizabeth and King James, of Philip Sidney and Ben Jonson – etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!

– will have to be rewritten in order to perceive these individuals within a wholly different relationship to Edward de Vere.

This could be infuriating for those who wish a definitive answer, right or wrong, but its presentation of facts and references is admirable.The society publishes a quarterly newsletter to members.Filed under: shakespeare wrote for money — Chas Tringham @ pm Tags: charles taylor, de Vere, euphuism, hermann broch, herodotus, john lyly, kindle, modernity, northrop frye, Ryszard Kapuscinski, Sergei Dovlatov, Shakespeare readers (or reader as the case may be) not to think badly of yours truly, but for the last month yours truly has been openly flirting with a Kindle. This was in part after the cajoling by fellow members of a De Vere Facebook group to get a Kindle and download edited by Kevin Gilvary.The De Vere Society is a group set up to put forward the evidence that Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford was the real author of the works of William Shakespeare.It was first registered as a society of Oxford University in 1987.

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