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It's 5 1/4" with winterbottom bone and matchstriker pull. Here is a nice stockman`s knife with winterbottom bone handles This one is stamped Queen Steel, 1960`s era If you have any to add post them here M. I'll help out by showing the only Queen I have left...Of the three distinct periods in the company’s history, Queen knives dating back the Schaat and Morgan period fetch the highest value of all collectible pocket knives from all makers. It’s important to properly date your old Queen knives to determine their accurate value.Though online blogs and knife stores may post snippets of information on how to date Queen knives, you will do better to research the value thoroughly.The company opened its factory in 1902 and continues to produce knives in the same way now as they did in their earliest years. Sort of a TL-29 type knife;have no idea what era it is. The kitchen knives I bought at a yard sale several years ago for a buck apiece.

Dating Queen knives relates directly to the company’s history.One of their most recent projects was a series of old-style automatic knives, which they kicked off with the John Henry model last year under the Schatt & Morgan label.Like other traditional slipjoint manufactures, Queen knives enjoyed an avid fan base.Queen Cutlery is closing the doors to its Titusville, PA facility after more than 90 years in the business.The announcement came through the company’s official Facebook page and cited monetary issues as the reason for the closure: Kenneth Daniels CEO and President of Queen Cutlery has announced effective January 10, 2018, that due to issues with cash flow, Queen Cutlery Company has been forced to cease all production and close its Titusville Pennsylvania facility, and furlough its employees while it goes through a period of reorganization.

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Ryan Daniels told us last year that about 80% of their business came from dedicated collectors.

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