Dating pottery finds

Many times the colors are quite unusual and especially seem to compliment each other when grouped together.

Shards may be identified generally as to how old they are by certain features, ie, material used, firing methods, and shapes. When you only have a worn shard, it significantly increases the difficulty.

As Time points out, even when archaeology supports a biblical narrative, the atheists are likely to reject both Scripture and science.

Their position is one of faith, as much as is ours.

Archaeologists generally accept hieroglyphs and clay tablets as being more accurate than paper manuscripts, since the former are more likely to be the original writings.Finally, against this background, let us review again the conflict that Time calls "fact" Archaeology is "the scientific study of extinct peoples through skeletal remains, fossils, and objects of human workmanship (as implements, artifacts, monuments, or inscriptions) found in the earth" (Webster's 3rd International Dictionary of the English Language, 1981).To focus on this misunderstanding let us confront the claims of archaeology with the simple question, "How do you know?" The answer to this one little question reveals the principles upon which are based all claims to knowledge and truth by any science, philosophy, or religion.

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