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You took her to her first concert when she was 12 despite being wary of the pop music that was featured.My dad did that exact thing, taking me to a Backstreet Boys concert when I was 12; it remains a very special memory, even 21 years later as I prepare to see them once again.

The relationship your character has with Amanda is the pulse of the story, tying everything together while showcasing how a great dad can interact with his child.Each dad wants to get to know you better, and has three opportunities for you to date. You’ll likely be drawn to one right off the bat (we all have a type), but each one has their own strengths so there’s no harm in dating around instead of just spending time with one dad.While the dating premise of may seem shallow, creating friendships with the other dads successfully explores the effects of being a single parent.She’s turned out witty and sarcastic, and seems okay even though your spouse passed away years ago. Outside of your home, there are seven dads eager to make your acquaintance.She does sometimes hide things from her parent, but what teenager doesn’t? Yes, I said seven dads: there’s Craig, Mat, Brian, Robert, Damien, Hugo, and Joseph.

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