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The grave imbalance between Black women and Black men in college raises several issues that have been ignored regarding the social adjustment and psychological well-being of Black women college students.The purpose of this article is to add to the discourse regarding current dating dilemmas confronting Black female college students.Recognizing that their children might feel somewhat isolated living in predominantly white suburbs, many of these families joined black social groups or black churches to expose their children to a broader African American culture.What happened to many of these children as they entered their teen and early adulthood years differed based on gender.We know online dating can be frustrating, so we built our site with one goal in mind: Make online dating free, easy, and fun for everyone.Finding a date with Mingle2 has never been simpler.Our singles community is massive, and you're only a couple of clicks away from finding a date. “There are far more black women than there are black men in this country, and that’s been for some time,” said Cheryl Judice, a sociologist and adjunct faculty member in Northwestern University’s School of Education and Public Policy.

Additionally, commentary regarding hip-hop among millennial college students is presented to highlight the significant impact that this culture has on the dating dilemmas and identity development of Black college women.

“Relationships with other men of color don’t hold the same historical dimensions,” she said.

“Black women have never been enslaved by other group of men other than white men, so you have that whole history right there that makes these relationships [between black women and white men] the most different, the most daring.” Despite this, Judice said race was not an important factor for most of the 120 people she interviewed for the book.

I am writing this book because I have seen first-hand the sadness many black women live with who have never experienced a fulfilling romantic relationship.

To be sure, many of these women lead productive and fulfilling lives without ever marrying, some even decide to have children without husbands, but a common thread I have observed among many is a wistfulness for a part of life which has been denied to them…a part of life all other groups of women take for granted.

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